1-For-1 Campaign

What is 1-FOR-1

MCO may be coming to an end, but the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over.

We are thankful to have received overwhelming response from the public in our quest to support the medical frontliners when we launched our 1For1 campaign at the start of the MCO period. We successfully exceeded our target of raising 10,000 mealbox which were donated to more than 20 hospitals, feeding brave doctors and nurses while they fought to save lives with their own. This was only made possible with the kindness and generosity shown by each and everyone of our #AgrainHeroes.

Being humbled and empowered with our role in being able to make a real positive impact in our society, we contemplated on ways in which we can continue to drive such an initiative forward. We wish to continuously put into practice the lessons of which the pandemic has taught us: the fragility of life and our shared humanity. And because we are alive, all of our lives matter - no more no less.

Hence, we now seek to expand our reach and act as a consistent channel for the public to reach out to other vulnerable groups within our community, whom have always required our attention and support, especially now more than ever. Every month we will be collecting donation on behalf of a nominated welfare centre. In the spirit of 1For1, we will match the funds raised and channel them in the form of food, both cooked and ready to cook, to the selected underprivileged group at the end of each month.

For the third quarter of 2020 (July-Sept), we have decided to support RUMAH KITA located at Taman Pandan Jaya, KL. RUMAH KITA provides a temporary transit home that houses about 20+ single/abandoned pregnant mothers at any one time, providing them and their babies with shelter, food and medical care from 3rd trimester until post confinement.

For those who find themselves with the capacity to share, feel free to donate as much as you are comfortable with. For each mealbox donated, Agrain will also donate another box towards this important mission. 1 for 1 - because alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.

No amount of kindness is too small; let us all do our parts and challenge ourselves to be the change we want to see in this world. Thank you for your love and light
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